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About Mastiff Technical Services


Mastiff Techical Services was founded by John B. Mason. Mr. Mason began working with computers more than 20 years ago. He has always focused on the operations side of technology (not software development) and has worked at all levels in this field. Over the years Mr. Mason has seen a lot of technology decisions made by people that are not technology savvy; Mastiff Technical Services was started to fight this trend. Mr. Mason graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh with a business degree in Management Information Systems and Operations Management, the perfect match for being a top notch Information Technology manager.

With a focus on small businesses (including individuals), Mastiff Technical Services is a company that is very flexible. This is only possible with the use of independent contractors along with Mastiff employees.

Mastiff Technical Services was named after the Mason's family dog - "Lily". She is an American Mastiff from Flying W Farms in Ohio.


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