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How does it work if I decide to sign up for a Mastiff IT Manager?

Step 1, Initial Discussion
Our initial consultation is designed to help us understand your business, your growth plans, how you need your IT systems to support it and any problems you’ve been encountering. Your Mastiff Manager will offer initial ideas to help you meet those goals. We’ll do an analysis of your IT spending and discuss ways to control those costs.<<Back to Top>>

Step 2, Network Documentation
Included in the Mastiff IT Manager program is a complete set of network documentation. A copy of this documentation will be given to you for your records and another copy will be kept with Mastiff Technical Services. We will keep our copy of your network documentation updated over the course of the program. This documentation will include – PC configuration, software installation, network and server configuration, security and passwords (with your permission), data storage points and infrastructure. This documentation is completed by having your Mastiff Manager (and possibly assistants), come to your company and physically inspect and record the systems that you have.<<Back to Top>>

Step 3, Initial Network Assessment – includes PCs & Servers
Once the documentation is completed your Mastiff Manager will analyze it for strengths and weaknesses, producing a report on your network. This step includes all the systems that are an integral part of the network (servers, printers, etc.), not just network infrastructure. This step is critical in determining what needs you have and any resources that you are not fully utilizing. Many times existing resources can be reallocated, saving both time and money.<<Back to Top>>

Step 4, Initial Security Assessment
Next your Mastiff Manager will assess the vulnerability of your systems and network. This will include viruses, intrusion, malicious acts (internal and external) and many other facets. Quite often the Mastiff Manager will need to survey certain employees to find out what practices are in place to protect your technology. Steps 3, 4 and 5 are closely tied together, so any surveying is usually combined into a single visit.<<Back to Top>>

Step 5, Initial Data Protection and Recovery Assessment
Your Mastiff Manager will also look at how well your data is protected from accidents, attacks and crashes. Making sure that you can recover your backup is a critical piece of this assessment. Other items that will be considered include backup system vulnerabilities, storage of backup media, disaster recovery and personal privacy.<<Back to Top>>

Step 6, System/Network Review, Needs Assessment
At this point your Mastiff Manager will have a better understanding of your network and systems. At this point your Mastiff Manager will discuss with with you the strengths and weakness of them, using the initial assessments to show what technology needs you may have. You will also get a list of recommended steps to improve your network and systems. Included in this review will be a rough estimate of the costs. Either in this meeting or afterwards you can make the decision on what you wish to have done.<<Back to Top>>

Step 7, Technology Plan
Based on the feedback that you give in step 6, your Mastiff Manager will build a technology plan for your company. This will include a more detailed cost and resource estimate. Your Mastiff Manager will start to put together a team to facilitate this plan.<<Back to Top>>

Step 8, Implement the Plan
Your Mastiff Manager will project manage the implementation of your technology plan. He will communicate with you on a regular basis the status of this plan and any variations that may show up. Your Mastiff Manager will make adjustments to all of the assessments and documentation based on the results of the technology implementation.<<Back to Top>>

Step 9, Review status of Network/Systems
A review of the changes and improvements is an important step in the lifecycle of your technology and the Mastiff Manager program; it will give you a better idea of what has been done and how it went. This review may be a face to face conversation, phone call or even an e-mail, depending on your needs.<<Back to Top>>

Step 10, Ongoing assessment and improvement
Your Mastiff Manager never stops checking and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your technology. Based on what he finds, many of the steps above may be repeated.<<Back to Top>>

Besides the importance of building a sound technology plan and implementing it, your IT Manager is a conduit for getting problems resolved. Your Mastiff Manager can get anything fixed -from a PC that doesn’t work to a website that is not functioning correctly. He may do it himself (this cost is not included in the IT Manager program) or get a team member/independent contractor to fix it for you.<<Back to Top>>

At any time you can call or send an e-mail to your Mastiff Manager to get the answer to questions about technology. Many of these will have been addressed in the steps list above, but there are always exceptions.<<Back to Top>>


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