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Mastiff Manager - Get all of the advantages of having your own IT Manager

Mastiff Manager program
The Mastiff Manager program is the foundation beneath every service we provide at Mastiff Technical Services. The Mastiff Manager program is designed to give you all the advantages of having your own IT Manager, without the costs. A Mastiff Manager will be your partner in assuring that you are getting the most out of your technology dollars and that you are leveraging technology to its fullest advantage.

What do I get from a Mastiff IT Manager?

Needs Assessment
Your Mastiff Manager will be able to find what your real needs and issues are so we’re not just treating symptoms. This prevents frequent service calls for repeating problems.

Create a Plan
Once the needs of an organization are understood your IT Manager will create a plan to meet them. This plan will include timelines, pricing and implimentation details. This plan will be reviewed between you and your Mastiff Manager to insure that you are in agreement.

Build the Team
Your Mastiff Manager will build a team that will meet your needs. Depending upon your needs, your Mastiff team could be a single consultant, a group of Mastiff employees or specialists under contract with Mastiff.

Discount support services
When you sign up for the Mastiff Manager program, you get a discount off the cost for Mastiff support services. Typically this can be more than 10% off the price for service calls, software or hardware installations and more.

Focus Resources
Using your money and technology resources wisely is a key priority for your Mastiff Manager. Buying more than you need is a common problem with IT expenditures. A Mastiff Manager can stop this from happening. Your Mastiff Manager will also make sure that you are buying systems that you will be able to use and not just a fancy tool that collects dust.

Personalized Service
Your Mastiff Manager will know you and your business and be able to communicate on a level that is both effective and efficient. You’ll be able to build a relationship with your Mastiff Manager and a history of success.

Project Management
Once the work begins, your Mastiff Manager will be responsible for making sure that everything is getting done and that it is done right. You will not need to check up on the status of your projects, because your Mastiff Manager will be doing it for you and will be sending you updates. A Mastiff Manager will insure that work that has been agreed to is completed in a satisfactory manner and on budget.

Single Point of Contact for Technology
One call and you know that someone will be looking after your problem or trying to find a solution to a technology need.

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