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At Mastiff Technical Services we put the focus on service. We try to reach that balance between being too technical and over simplifying. We think that customers deserve to have a positive experience whenever they deal with us, whether we’re doing IT Management, PC troubleshooting or a system installation. The complaint that “Tech Guys” are not good at listening or explaining what they are doing is too common. At Mastiff we think that good communication is paramount.

Our people are capable, bright and energetic. We strive to met or exceed your expectations by offering quick and affordable services. We are not a company that only takes on large projects; we think everyone deserves to be able to get help with technology. At Mastiff we also know how frustrating it can be to find someone that can help with your specific problem, so even if you do not have a person on our staff that can help you – we will help to find someone from out in the market. This means that you can call Mastiff about ANY problem or project and we will help.

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